SBRRNG stands for Skull Bare Race Radiation Nation Group.
SBRRNG is the world after the apocalypse, which occurred in 3666, at that time there had been nuclear war and chemical weapons of mass destruction, as a result the world was contaminated with chemical acids, as a result all creatures were almost extinct, there were only a few races left, and even then only bones and skulls alone, they evolved into various kinds of creatures, from various races divided into 3 types of caste, namely bronze, silver and gold.
of these several races formed into kingdoms, and they had their respective governments and roles in the world.
SBRRNG is a project of Ario Sabrang Damar, founder of Snape Design Studio. this project is a very unique work, starting from the storyline, character design, colors and so on.
we made this NFT project with good quality in every artwork. so very valuable to collect.
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